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Mettu College of Teacher Education

It is undeniable fact that education plays a vital role in the development of a nation. One way of disseminating education to the beneficiaries is through formal and non-formal way of presentation. It is with this promises that the MCTE was established in 1994 by national regional state of Oromia in…

As it has already been pointed above, besides teaching the college helps the local community with different actions.  understanding the acute water shortage around the college, the staff has decides to upgrade one spring to tape water the college has intended to build a reservoir at the base of the spring so that pipes are fixed to it. This may help the people to get pure water. The cost is estimated to be 30,000 birr. On the similar issue the college has great ambition to see the road that runs from the centre of Mettu town to college get improved this road is actually damaged and caused a lot of accidents any day. The college is eager to work with the local community and any other body who is willing to help.